Philips OneMe

Mental Healthcare Wearables


Philips OneMe is a product line that was created as a collaborative project between the Umea Institute of Design and Philips, focussed on designing new product solutions for Generation Z and created by David Bertl and Sinan Altun.

Generation Z is experiencing increasing anxiety, stress, and depression rates. Many People of this generation are affected by the physical symptoms of these anxiety disorders in their daily life. An anxiety attack can affect them in their work their leisure activities and even their relationships.
The OneMe product line aims to help people suffering from anxiety - disorders by predicting occurring anxiety attacks through a sensory module that can be worn as a wristband or a necklace. It provides breathing aid through vibration and visual feedback - making users more perceptive and enabling them to stop anxiety – attacks before they get stronger. By combining the capabilities of the sensor module with an app, users are provided with methods they can learn to train coping mechanisms for their anxiety disorder.

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