A Home Appliance for your Vegetables and Fruits



Elepsy is a concept that was a collaborative project between Umeå Institute of Design and Electrolux in the context of post-Covid-19 home solutions and created by Sinan Altun, Yilin Lyu, Yuchen Lan.

People have concerns about the cleanness of raw food such as vegetables and fruits even after washing them underwater. Some even use soap or dangerous chemicals to disinfect them, and while cleansing, a large amount of water is used. ELEPSY aims to solve these problems by giving users the opportunity to disinfect, cleanse and dry the vegetables and fruits in a single product. It is designed as a kitchen-household item where they can also be served thanks to the attachable plate it has. It stands as a functional-contemporary object in the home environment and is created for users to enjoy but also feel safe while using it in their daily lives.

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